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We are the head office of a group of liquor wholesalers providing products and service to On-Premise customers.

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Head Office in Liquor Wholesaling

The National Independent Liquor Wholesalers Association is a group of Liquor Wholesalers located Australia wide. Founded in 1997, NILWA represents a collective of wholesalers in negotiations with suppliers to generate terms based on the associations size. 

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Greater Negotiation Opportunity

NILWA allows for liquor wholesalers nationally to be apart of a greater buying group and access more from their suppliers. We also take care of their wide range terms negotiations so they can focus more on servicing their customers. 

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History Counts

We have been around for a while we know the liquor industry like no other. For 25 years we have provided unrivalled support and access to our Members and their Customers.

At Nilwa our vision is to provide services to members through national businesses and sales marketing programs. We work to develop tools and resources so our wholesaler members have a competitive proposition to service on-premise.

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