The Signature Drinks Program
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Marketing Program for On-Premise

Created in 2014, Signature Drinks is the Sales & Marketing daughter of NILWA, supplying liquor deals and promotions directly to venues. 

We saw a need for tailored on-premise deals and discounts, so we built a program to give venues more from their stock purchase.

Something for everyone

Benefits to all On-Premise

Our Signature Drinks Programs are available to all on-premise venues who buy through our wholesalers and qualify under our T&Cs. This program offers venues a competitive and rewarding way to stock their bars.

Meet our 3 programs to help you stock your venue:

Available Australia Wide

Find Via Our Wholesale Members

The Signature Drinks Program is available via our Wholesalers Gateway and Rivercity.  

You can find your local member today by getting in touch or through the Signature Drinks Website.

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