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What Nilwa offers

Liquor Wholesale Members

Our members are the backbone of the liquor industry. They stock, manage and deliver everything liquor to Australia’s pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes. 

Here’s how we help them do it.

Networking Opportunities

We facilitate networking events for all our liquor wholesalers to share ideas, strategies and learnings.


We offer nationwide training opportunities to sales teams to improve product knowledge and sales skills.


We travel and study domestically and globally to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, analyse market research and share it with our members.

Cost Savings

We develop and maintain effective working relationships and business development programs with liquor suppliers to pass on the benefits and savings to our members. We strengthen member purchasing power by negotiating supply agreements with a wide range of national customer groups including Accor, AHL and Compass.

Data Analysis

Our purpose-built data warehouse system allows members to access data income, reporting tools and analyse business strategies and market performance.

What Nilwa offers

Liquor Industry Suppliers

Without suppliers, there would simply be no products. We form and uphold strong relations with Australian suppliers, ensuring everyones celebration is a good one.

Here’s how we help them.

Beneficial Partners

We provide marketing programs to direct access to a large number of hard-to-reach on-premise venues, who are successful, established and highly regarded in the liquor and food service industry.

Industry Insights

We evaluate and analyse member’s sales, distribution and performance data to provide you with useful insights into the liquor wholesale and on-premise market.

Selling Power​​

We assist the facilitation of national customer agreements by handling the distribution and partnering with suppliers to negotiate purchasing deals with national accounts, including ACCOR, AHL, and Compas.

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